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10 things not to do on femdom live webcam.

1. Don’t be rude or disrespectful to the dominant woman. She is in control and you need to remember that.

2. Don’t try to boss her around or take control. This is her show and she will be the one in charge.

3. Don’t be lazy. If she asks you to do something, do it without complaint.

4. Don’t be a slob. Keep your area clean and tidy and don’t make a mess.

5. Don’t be late. If you are scheduled to be on at a certain time, be there on time.

6. Don’t be a tease. If you are going to strip, strip. Don’t just take your clothing off and then stop.

7. Don’t be shy. If you are comfortable with your body, she will be too.

8. Don’t be stingy. If she wants you to buy her something, do it.

9. Don’t be a jerk. If you are having a good time, let her know.

10. Don’t forget to have fun. This is supposed to be enjoyable for both of you. View Source

How to end your femdom live webcam show.

There’s no one answer to this question since every femdom webcam show is different. However, here are some general tips on how to end your femdom webcam show in a way that will leave your audience wanting more.

1. Thank your audience for watching.

Thanking your audience for their time and attention is always a good way to end any show. Be sure to be genuine in your thanks and let them know how much you appreciate their support.

2. Give a preview of what’s to come.

If you have upcoming shows or events, be sure to let your audience know. This will leave them eager to see more and will keep them coming back for more.

3. Offer something special to your viewers.

Whether it’s a discount on your next show or a private session, give your viewers something to look forward to. This will show them that you value their patronage and will keep them coming back for more.

4. Thank your co-stars and support team.

If you have any other performers or support team members, be sure to thank them for their help in making the show a success. This will show your audience that you’re a team player and will make them more likely to support you in the future.

5. Take a bow.

Ending your show with a bow is a great way to thank your audience one last time and leave them wanting more. Be sure to take your time and savor the moment, as this is your moment to shine.

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