Interrogating Pleasure in Femdom Literature Femdom literature is an interesting aspect of modern erotic literature that dives deep into the exploration of dominant female figures and pleasure-seeking submissives. It can be a taboo topic even within feminist circles, however, its exploration of gender roles, power dynamics and pleasure warrants more in-depth inquiry. To better understand […]
Different ways to be a femme domme Are you looking to explore the world of femme domme? Femme domme, or female-dominant, relationships can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. From dominant-submissive relationships to rope play and bondage, there are many unique and varied ways to explore the femme domme lifestyle. Here are some tips and ideas […]
The different roles played in femdom stories Femdom stories—in which female domination is an integral part of the plot—have become increasingly popular in recent years. In these stories, both women and men often play distinct roles and can have a variety of different power dynamics. This article will explore the different roles that have become […]
5) What femdom dominatrixes do to their clients/subs Femdom dominatrixes, or “doms”, are dominant women who are often hired by paid clients, such as subs, to take part in BDSM activities and services. Femdom services can spread over a wide range of BDSM services, and include activities such as spanking, humiliation, roleplay, and impact play […]
The different types of orgasms that can be achieved through reading femdom porn stories The topic of orgasms is often an topic that draws a lot of attention, and people are always keen to learn more about them. This is especially true when it comes to orgasms that are achieved through reading femdom porn stories. […]
How to make your mistress feel loved Having a mistress may be a complicated thing and one of the primary responsibilities to make your mistress feel loved is a must. Making your mistress feel loved includes more than just physical aspects, as it also requires a lot of emotional work that is necessary to establish […]
The Emotional Aspect of Virtual Femdom The emotional aspect of virtual femdom is an intriguing concept that has become increasingly popular over the past decade with the rise of online platforms and technologies. On the surface, this activity can seem like a simple power exchange between consenting adults in a virtual setting, but there is […]
How to keep your mistress happy Many people these days find themselves in relationships which involve a mistress, or a woman separate from their significant other. While these types of arrangements may seem to present freedom, they require a great deal of hard work and effort in order to remain healthy. It is important for […]
The men who use free mistresses The concept of a free mistress, often referred to as a “sugar baby”, has become increasingly popular over the past decade, as more men are willing to pay for companionship with women who are not their wives or girlfriends. Free mistresses are often sought after by wealthy or upper-class […]
How the virtual mistress industry has evolved. The virtual mistress industry has always been adapting and evolving, offering ever-changing types of services and technologies to cater to a wider clientele. While the concept of being able to pay someone to provide companionship and control over someone’s life remotely has been around for decades, the industry […]