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What makes live domina different from other forms of domination? Domination or power exchange is not a new concept, but it has been gaining more visibility over the last few years. Live domination, also known as in-person domination, is a subset of domination that is performed with the domme physically present with the submissive. This […]
What are the main benefits of using a femdom chastity device? A femdom chastity device is a powerful tool that can have a significant impact on both the physical and emotional well-being of individuals. While these devices are most commonly used in BDSM and fetish communities, they have gained popularity for their ability to enhance […]
Are there any best practices for managing footage from chastity cams? Chastity cams, while not a new phenomenon, have recently seen a spike in popularity with the rise of the BDSM and kink communities. These cameras are typically small, wearable devices that are attached to a chastity cage, providing a real-time streaming viewing experience for […]
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What is a chastity cam and how does it work? In recent years, the concept of a Chastity Cam has been gaining popularity, especially in BDSM communities. It is a device that is designed to lock up a person’s genitals, whether a male or a female, to enforce sexual abstinence. The device features a camera […]