Farmings Future

Farmings Future

This is a watershed moment for UK dairy farming. We must choose a future that is economically, environmentally and ethically responsible – and sustainable. The drive to industrialise In the past 40 years, global livestock farming has changed beyond all recognition. The consequences for animal welfare and have been disastrous and it has also contributed […]

Mega dairy shed

Uks First Mega Dairy

Plans for the UK’s first mega dairy were withdrawn in February 2011. If a proposal such as Nocton Dairies was ever built it could change the face of our farming and our countryside forever. What Nocton locals could expect 22 acres of sheds stretching the length of seven football pitches and housing 8,100 cows (although […]

retail milk factory auto

Factory Milk

There is no suggestion that factory milk will be cheaper, fresher or taste better. Factory milk, the watery option Research shows that factory milk may contain fewer vitamins and antioxidants. If we want the milk we have come to expect, as rich as possible in vital nutrients, we must keep Britain’s cows grazing outdoors for […]

cows friends (770 x 430)

Battery Cows

Battery cows face a higher risk of disease, injury and premature death. Not to mention a poorer life. Threat to animal welfare The future of British dairy farming may be about to change – and cows will pay the price with their welfare if it does. Industrial-scale farms will feature huge numbers of animals, with […]